MS in Innovative Technologies in Learning


Transforming societies and eliminating inequalities through the power of innovation, technology and social media!
Aiming towards the ideals of a socially aware, knowledgeable and an impartial society, MS in Innovative Technologies in Learning envisions transforming governments and empowering communities through the power of innovative technologies and social media.
MS in ITL focuses on the institutional innovations needed to lead the diffusion of emerging social technologies that can help transform developing economies into knowledge-based economies and information societies. It focuses on improving leadership and governance, bridging economic divides, and eliminating social inequalities.


The mission of this program is to help prepare outstanding educators, scholars, researchers, and professionals who can transform society by raising awareness through effective use of technology, analysis and development of educational policy, leadership, and social inclusion.

Program Objectives

The program objectives are:

     – To develop entrepreneurial innovations in educational practice.

     – To evaluate technology’s impact on learning and development.

     – To excel in designing interactive media content and learning applications.


We share a common set of values that leads the program in fulfilling its mission.
These values influence our actions, guide our decisions, revise policies, and determine our strategic planning.

Academic Excellence

We strive to demonstrate excellence in education by upholding high academic and professional standards in teaching and learning, providing highly competent, and supportive faculty; quality education environment equipped with current technologies, and continuously seeking improvement in all aspects to provide quality teaching and learning experience.

Excellence in Research

We are dedicated to nurture the advancement of knowledge, foster research culture and develop a community of scholars

Collaboration and Partnerships

Through our collaborative partnerships in research, scholarship, economic development, and social action, we strive to positively contribute to solving significant local, national, and global issues.


We are committed to maintain high standards of ethical conduct and to celebrate honesty, openness, and trust as fundamentals to our relationships.

Commitment to Innovation

We practice excellence in teaching and learning through creativity, experimentation, originality, entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, and inspiration for problem solving.

Equality, Diversity and Social Justice

We value cultural and intellectual diversity. We recognize and appreciate the uniqueness, and self-respect of every individual. We are committed to nurturing and celebrating diversity of thought and experience that supports tolerance, freedom of speech and inquiry.

Contribution to Community and Economic Development

We are dedicated to foster effective business and industrial partnerships and collaborations that develop solutions to academic, occupational, and enrichment needs of our society; enhancing quality of life; and supporting economic development.

 Commitment to the Future

We are committed to continuously evaluate and revise the program to stay abreast with present needs and future challenges.

Benefits to the Society

MS in Innovative Technologies in Learning offers the following benefits to the society:

– To prepare educators and innovative entrepreneurs of the future, who can broaden the education outreach by using modern technology and pedagogy.

– To develop state of the art pedagogy using affordable technology that can make the learning experience exciting and engaging

– The process should be steeped in real life problem solving and should promote critical thinking.

– This MS in ITL program will be the first one of its kind in Pakistan, and will aim at addressing critical issues facing the world of educational technology today. It will provide students the motivation and drive to reach out to masses, and enable them to design the most creative and innovative solutions to tackle the dearth of quality education in the country.

Program graduates will take key positions in corporate, public and private sector. They will become designers, developers, and evaluators of educational technologies and learning environments, as well as domain experts and learning technology policy-makers.

The graduates of this program will be suitable and sought after in the following industries:

  1. Animation development,
  2. Instructional designer, online training
  3. Online education companies
  4. Games and interactive media
  5. Schools
  6. Interactive text book design
  7. Children’s and adults educational television network
  8. Educational start-ups
  9. Educational Design and Development

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