Some Testimonial of MS ITL 2k20

mobina_malikMobina Malik

I’m Mobina Malik, I did my bachelors and Masters in management science specialised in finance and marketing respectively from iqra university. I chose MSITL mainly because I enjoy it, and it because it fits in perfectly with my career aims. So far I learned diverse perspectives and since it’s a different and emerging field I’m looking forward to achieve more.

Bakhtawar_HayatBakhtawar Hayat

Innovative technologies in Learning, is not only a programme but its a soul of progressive education. I think its a prime time to fill all the gaps in our Education sector by corporating technology into it. So, I am all ready and geared up for bringing a reform in our Education system by mixing it up with 'انوکھے خیالوں کی جدت'.

Nabeel_AhmedNabeel Ahmed

I have done B.Sc in double Math Physics and than M.Sc Electronics from Quaid-E-Azam University. After that I worked in It Department ,Career consular and Sports in charge. I want to bring education reforms so that student interest in education increases. Hope so i will Insha-Allah

mubashirMubashir Sargana

I found it a unique and tailored program when I went through its courses' catalogue. I'm now confident that it's gonna be an all-encompassing opportunity to really learn how we can effectively bring significant improvement in learning processes through adequate technological interventions. And I believe, career progression is a key takeaway for me.

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