Class of MS ITL 6

Some Testimonial of MS ITL 6

abbass_wahabAbbas Wahab

ITL is a dream master program for me. I was very keen to attend this program as I read out the course outlines. Being the founder of an educational Start-Up and graduate of Software Engineering this program provide me way to connect both dotes of my life. Education need to be updated in terms of 21st century's requirements so this program will equip you with all those skills you need to cater with in the on going century. We should work to take advantage from technology to use it as tool for conceptual learning and understanding. Here you are going to be familiar with many things about education, innovation and technology.

Waqas_MazharWaqas Mazhar

ITL is a unique master program and many people in Pakistan not much aware of this. Having a few years of experience in eLearning I was searching for a master program abroad in the same discipline but when I came to know about ITL I was so excited to join this program. The program provides an opportunity for students to explore new ways of teaching and learning with technology. My journey so far in this program is great and I start working on educational products for kids that are excited and tech-driven. Now I am confidently moving towards my goals.

m_sajjadMuhammad Sajjad

ITL gives you a massive ground where an impact could be made which would change our current education system to a better, inclusive and effective education system. Its a very diverse field of study and my motivation of joining this course is to make an impact on the grass root level of our education system which could resolve the problems we all have come across while studying.

Tayyaba_NoreenTayyaba Noreen

For me joining this ITL program is just Turing point of my career choice. In this Program I am getting through such knowledge that I was even unable to pronounce that in my words very much informative very much linked to our educational life. I am feeling very proud to be the part of this course under the guidance of very competent faculty. I am learning a lot from all the teachers.

Nawal_AtharNawal Athar

After 2 years of Job Experience in Education Sector I have seen many gaps and flaws in it. Living in Rural Area I have seen many problems and I consider ITL as one of the best option to resolve the issues. For me ITL is the best program to fill in the gaps with the help of Technology and It motivates me to take a step to make Education in Pakistan the Best.

Asma_KiranAsma Kiran

As an electrical Engineer having an experience of robots, I consider it important as advancement in technology is a continuous process, competing with world standards bringing change in education is necessary. Contributing and learning about how to provide education in accordance with 21st century skills this program gives concrete opportunity. I am looking forward to scale my skills in a way for the betterment of education system of my country.

Naqash_GerardNaqash Gerard

I'm a Computer Science graduate. The curriculum of Innovative Technologies in Learning program attracted me a lot. In this era, STEM education is the growing field in World and I want to contribute towards the development of this field in Pakistan.

Arfa_AnwerArfa Anwer Arain

It has been a great experience so far to learn about the education system of the world and the psychology of students. To know in depth of how we can make the learning of every individual personalised and up-to-mark, to know about the latest edTech and how that could be integrated in the education system to make it more effective and efficient. Looking forward to bring some positive changes, that is immediately required in our education system.

Karim_MuhammadKarim Muhammad

Being a graphic designer I wanted to use my knowledge in more practical way in developing curriculums and educational materials using technology. ITL is giving me all the suitable background and in-depth knowledge of how to develop such content. I would definitely use the required knowledge in producing material which can contribute in educating the digital natives and how suitably use the technology to develop their understanding.


The reason I joined ITL was that my bachelors was in education, and ITL is the only course being offered in Pakistan in NUST .This course is one of its kind that incorporates technological ways to improve the quality of education. I am confident that i can bring some new innovative ways in education after going through this course.

Iqra_ImtiazIqra Imtiaz

Education is the backbone of any society, and today, we need to strengthen it by equipping ourselves with the 21st century skills, and a better understanding about education as a whole. This program is helping me in both. Also education has a huge impact on a society and its culture, and vice versa. This is why this program is important today, as it incorporates the need of today (technology) with the need of a lifelong goal (prosperity); which can be achieved with an efficient and effective education system. ITL has helped me in realising how and where I can use my skills to help bring the change in society

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