Some Testimonial of MS ITL 5

sara_tariqSara Tariq

I joined the Masters program because I have always been interested in education. I always wanted to use my skills in order to make a change at the community level. Belonging to a technical background, I felt that a combination of latest technology with superior pedagogical skills could be the solution to the deteriorating educational situation in Pakistan. MS ITL turned out to be the answer to my prayers. The program is comprehensive - it covers the latest pedagogical techniques and advancements in technology to serve the needs and interests of the education sector. The faculty is highly qualified and has been a catalyst in enlightening the learning experience for me. The program is one of its kind in Pakistan and I would highly recommend it to all educational enthusiasts.

KinzaSohailKinza Sohail

This Maters program covers diverse topics of education and technology. I am a graduate of Software engineering and have teaching experience of ICT but what i learned is that our teachers are using old methods of teaching and not aware of modern teaching methods and tools.I wanted to create a change in our society by learning 21st century skills and create digital learning tools.

ZohaaRehmanZohaa Rehman

I have always been a tech enthusiast especially after studying Information Technology. I always wanted to improve the system of education in Pakistan. After applying in this program in NUST, i came to know that i can use my tech abilities with the methods of improving education. In this program we have been given deep insight about the status, condition of education in Pakistan, deep knowledge about the pedagogy, psychology and other aspects of education.

HammadHammad Khan

I found ITL a very interesting discipline, where everyone can express his/her innovative idea to create something interactive for learning purpose by using modern techniques in the world of engineering and computer and merge those interactive ideas and techniques in it to make the learning easy interactive and interesting.

SaimaSaima Mehar

MS ITL is a lot more than simply incorporating education with the technology. This field is about how effectively technology can be made part of teaching and learning process to make it more efficient for both the teachers, students as well as all the users involved in the education system. I see the future of this field very bright because all the schooling systems are carving their ways to adopt the "edtech" trend.

SaimaIqra Aslam

This program is very interesting and it helps us to identify the problems of our education system and how these problems can be solved by analysing the situations and related practices in other countries. It also focus on the technology and a helping tool to make learning fun for students which will last longer. This program helps in developing 21st century skills i.e. critical thinking, cretivity, communication collaboration etc.

ridaRida Sajjad

ITL is an excellent amalgam of education and technology which widens once horizon of creativity, cognitive abilities, and practice. It introduces you to a new era of education which is designed so that every child could reach his/her maximum potential. My experience with ITL has been great so far. Apart from aiding to my self-discovery, it has helped me to grow and improve as a person. ITL is a growing and an emerging field. It has so much to offers to both society and individuals. It has potential to create a workforce of instructional designers, educators and tech experts that together undertake proactive efforts to address the technological and societal challenges of the education system of Pakistan.

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