Some Testimonial of MS ITE 3

arhumArhum Khan

"As I joined ITE at NUST, I felt honoured to be part of such a prestigious and well-reputed university and also to be one of the pioneers of this revolutionary and dynamic course. My experience has been eye-opening and has given me exactly what I wanted in regards to awareness of the current educational scenario and how changes can be brought about to lead Pakistan into the 21st century of educational standards. It has been a fulfilling experience and I am sure the graduates of this degree would be able to bring about a positive change on a very large scale. My best wishes for this program. It is the absolute need of the hour."

shafaqShafaq Rubab

"MSITE is the most wonderful experience of my life, In this course, I have learnt maximum in my educational career.I got experience for game development and instructional designing for games, implementation of pedagogical content knowledge in real life scenario,practical implementation of knowledge in real life examples and creating innovative methods of learning.This course highlights that we need to change our teaching and learning trends and should focus on innovative ideas of learning and I totally agreed after working on my important learning tools and creative learning patterns.I am now involved in designing instructions for serious educational games and will continue my career with innovative ideas of learning.Hopefully we will take education into new direction that will be more interesting and exciting for our generations."

hiraHira Khan

"I got admission here as this degree seemed very innovative and different to me I spoke to my seniors and heard their wonderful experiences, somewhere in my mind there was the thought about loopholes in our education system especially in public schools which I personally experienced, that’s why I decided to go for MS-ITE (Innovative Technologies in Education), Mix of technology, innovation, psychology, Entrepreneurship and teaching paradigms ,It really polished my skills and opened gates of innovation and exploration for me, here you can utilize what you have already learnt in your bachelor degree in very effective way you can add value to the society and education system of Pakistan, out of box thinking and implementing diverse range of ideas.I am very happy and satisfied in this MS."

shafaqGhina Nazeef

"Journey of MS-ITE has not been less than a roller coaster ride! The students in this program come from diverse backgrounds which might get a bit tricky but in the end diversity is the key flavour in bringing about innovation. The program is an eye opener into Pakistans' educational sector; from educational policies to implementing 21st-century methodologies, special education and promoting self and lifelong learning. "

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