Chotay Sciencedan

Project Title:  Interactive Learning and Assessment Application for Grade 5 Science Curriculum

Principal Investigator: Ms. Manzil e Maqsood

Chotay Sciencedan is a venture of a team at ITE, SEECS that is working in collaboration with ILM IDEAS to digitize 5th Grade science syllabus. This project will be a start of new era in which the students will use tablets as the primary educational instrument replacing books. Teachers in such a setting will be facilitators and their burden will be eased thus allowing them to focus on quality of education.
This project is part of a grand theme of digitizing the national curriculum of Pakistan using the latest Technological, Pedagogical/psychological and Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework.
The primary intent of the project is to design and develop an application (henceforth called an “app”) based on Google’s Android Operating System, the objective of which would be to make learning accessible and meaningful to a typical grade 5th pupil aged between 10 to 12 years through a comprehensive digitized primary school science curriculum.The app will be designed in such a way that it meets the diverse learning requirements of every child, enabling them to learn via a range of interactive games that will engage and entertain while they are simultaneously learning new ideas and concepts.

The proposed design objectives of the application are:

• Development of pedagogically sound and coherent content
• In-app learning and testing with individual and whole-class report cards
• Child-friendly animated characters and interactive activities
• Personalized progress-dependent level adjustments for games (self-paced learning)
• Parent and teacher notifications of each child’s progress
• Game-based learning challenges, choices and consequences
• Personal child motivation through in-app rewards.


Seminar on “Interactive Learning and Assessment Application for Grade 5 Science Curriculum”

Chotay Sciencedan Team celebrated the completion of the pilot phase of project. The Seminar on “Interactive Learning and Assessment Application for Grade 5 Science Curriculum”, was held 5th August, 2015 To show case Chotay Sciencedan application. This event was organized by NUST‐SEECS in collaboration with Ilm Ideas.

Chotay Sciencedan Team by Sublime Video

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