WELCOME TO SEECS In the current age of rapid progress, only those fired with a passion to excel can aspire for a respectable survival. We at NUST-SEECS are committed to provide world class education and research opportunities in Pakistan. read more…
Dr. Safdar Abbas
Message from HoD ITL

This newly started graduate program will provide a design space for mixing and matching of diverse disciplines and research areas thus creating disruptive technologies at the innovative edge of psychology, information technology, graphic design, story telling and drama.
It will provide a practical forum to look beyond the obvious, to ask questions not yet asked and to provide innovative solutions that could dramatically improve the way people learn- not only for those who go to a school but also those who cannot attend a conventional school.
Educational innovation, driven by a need for continuing education in the labor force, is transforming the global industrial landscape. Moreover, this need has also put a lot of stress on producing dynamic and diverse educational entrepreneurs as well as researchers who can steer the next revolution in education. We are the first program in Pakistan that will address the deficiency of such individuals and aim to create graduates with the ability to ” Learn, Think, Apply, Innovative and Educate”.

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